Written in Torment – Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

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Format: CD
Glorious North Productions (North 015 - 2013)
Black metal


A triumphant return by Written in Torment Returning 7 years after 2006′s ‘The Uncreation’ sole member Leviathan strategically executes The War of All Against All, an unrelenting battery of inhuman scourge and malicious abhorrence. Erupting in cataclysmic force this venomous black metal assault lays waste to the weak, and ferociously carves it’s own fate. With influence from legend, Emperor, Dissection & Abyssos. Written in Torment rises as a Phoenix, not from flame and ash, but nuclear fire and ruin; a new era of famine and death. Time has honoured this evil. Hope is bereft…


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