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Pantheon of Blood – Consociatio Solis et Lunae

Format: 7″ EP
Glorious North Productions (2011)
Occult black metal

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Another analogue format release from Pantheon of Blood, clearly showcasing their prowess. Manifesting The Absolute… Spiritually elevated occult Finnish Black Metal. The metaphysical splendour of the Sun & what lies beneath the mysterious beauty of the Moon. Released as a deluxe gatefold vinyl, limited to 500 units.


Price: £5.00

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Pantheon of Blood / Creatura – Lapis Philosophorum

Format: 7″ Vinyl
Glorious North Productions
Black metal

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Two contemporary Finnish black metal acts; Pantheon of Blood and Creatura Unite their forces for this split 7″ vinyl Melodic and majestic black metal with a raw edge Reflecting the process of revelating in a philosopher’s stone, which is buried under the numerous layers of delusive reflections of Man and Nature. Mastering and guest keyboards by Jonny Maudling (Bal-Sagoth). Limited to 250 units. Available in 3 editions; STANDARD EDITION: Contains the vinyl. COLLECTOR’S EDITION: Contains the vinyl and limited postcard. REVELER’S EDITION: Contains the vinyl, limited postcard and exclusive patch. Prices vary accordingly.

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