A Darkened Beginning to the New Year

Abstrakter WaldOur time of silence, has once again been broken, only to fulfil outstanding agreements.
That being the release of 2 new items:

  • Moloch – Abstrakter Wald, the Cd version of this extremely rare live performance from Ukraine’s Moloch, this version differs from the tape release made available earlier this year by several other tracks being added; 2 tracks from the now sold out “Where Winds Forever Cry” split cd with Tomhet, albeit with German titles, and 2 extra unreleased tracks.
    Existing followers of Moloch’s work will be more than accustomed to his ambient works, to others, expect; majestic and sweeping auras of despair, isolation and enlightenment. As crisp as the air, within the star filled twilight, and as earthy as soil under foot.
  • Moloch – Blacker Than Darkness. Finally! 2 years later than planned. Originally planned to be the first Cd release of Moloch’s first demo, and limited to 666 copies in December 2010. A cooperative release between Glorious North Productions, Depressive Illusions Records & Northern Lights Productions…. Unfortunately the allure of money changing hands to fund this release became too much for one of these labels….
    Let’s just say there’s a reason why this version of Blacker Than Darkness is co-released by Glorious North & Depressive Illusions.
    Dmitry Stebunov / Northern Lights Productions, lest we forget.This time, only 51 copies exist.
    Such a raw and primitive production may be unexpected to Moloch fans not familiar with this demo. This is however, the very root of Moloch, and as such, a must for anyone who appreciates uncompromising negativity balanced with tormenting screams. Blisteringly raw and unhinged black metal.
    Obviously the lure of this release isn’t going to be for everyone, but those damned enough attain such a treasure, will undeniably understand the grim hatred manifested within.
    This is a plague.

These 2 items shave been added to the release list, and have purchasing links.
A multi-buy deal for Glorious North releases will appear in the near future.

For now, distro items will be added, and updates will happen as they occur.
Glorious North’s return will be mid-2013, and several releases are already planned.